Creamy Bronzer

Creamy Bronzer

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CreamyBronzer is a hydrating, natural bronzer crafted with jojoba oil, tallow, iron oxides and essential oils for a sun-kissed, healthy-looking complexion. Our formula is free of parabens and other harsh chemicals, and uses gentle ingredients like zinc oxide and Indian myrrh resin for a nourishing blend.

Beef Tallow,Beeswax,Cera bellina,Jojoba Oil ,Zinc Oxide, Yellow,Iron Oxide ,Red Iron Oxide,Geranium Essential Oil,Indian Myrrh Resin.

6 grams

What is cream bronzer?

Not sure what cream bronzer is? Allow us to get you up to speed. Bronzer is a type of makeup designed to give skin a deeper hue and intensified glow.  Bronzer mimics the way skin looks when it has been exposed to the sun.


Why use cream bronzer?

There's something magical about how your skin looks after spending time in the sunshine, isn't there? The way the high points of the face become deeper in tone, creating contrast with the low points and sculpting your face. The way your overall complexion looks healthier, fresher, more awake.


How to apply cream bronzer step-by-step

Here’s how to apply bronzer like a pro makeup artist:

Step 1

Take a little cream bronzer either onto your fingertips or onto a fluffy brush. If using a brush, swirl it around the clean inner lid of the product pot to remove any excess.

Step 2

Apply the bronzer to the skin, one side of the face at a time. Start from the most prominent bit of your forehead (the temples) and bring your fingers or the brush downward in a curve, pausing when you’re in-line with the outer corner of your eye. From here, create a second curve, working downwards and inwards across the cheekbone towards the centre of your face. If you need a way to visualise it, imagine you are creating a number “3” on the side of your face. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3

With the remaining product on your fingers or brush, sweep a little bronzer across the centre of your nose, and the middle of your chin. The lighter the dusting of colour, the better.

Step 4

Retrace your steps with a clean brush or finger to blend and buff the colour into your skin. Remember, applying bronzer is all about working in soft, fluid motions for a natural finish, not creating strong, harsh lines.

Remember this product is very rich, a little goes a long way.


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