Crème De La Crème For Face

Crème De La Crème For Face

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This luxurious formula promotes cell renewal while providing ultra-hydration at a deep cellular level.  Perfect for all skin types, Angel Fluff’s Crème De La Crème For Face, will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and renewed.  Use after cleansing twice daily.  Be sure to wait a few minutes after applying and before putting on makeup, as the high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins take a few minutes to fully absorb. Applying the cream before bed however is highly restorative and you will feel the difference in the texture of your skin after just a few days.  The main ingredient, anti-aging Shea butter,  has a natural SPF of 6-10 and helps to naturally protect your skin from harmful UV rays.  Shea butter is also anti-inflammatory, helping your skin to heal quickly, especially when your skin barrier has been compromised.  Jojoba Oil, rich in Vitamin E, resembles the sebum of your skin and gives your skin a healthy complexion by providing a moisture barrier locking in all that healthy moisture.


30 ml -1.01 fl oz

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