Crema Violet&Lavanda (Limited Edition)
Crema Violet&Lavanda (Limited Edition)

Crema Violet&Lavanda (Limited Edition)

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Violets have become a plant quite dear to my heart and as I get to know them more and more. I have come to really value the medicine of this little plant as well. The leaves are one of my favorites to infuse into  distilled water and witch hazel. The season for these flowers is short. So we created a Tallow Cream infused with Violets and Lavender.

Handmade creams are a luscious way to hydrate the skin.

Ingredient's :Distilled water and Witch Hazel infused with Violets and Lavender, Tallow,Lavender infused Olive Oil,steric acid,emulsify wax, Brazilian Purple Clay,Silk Peptides,Lavender Essential Oil,Preservative.

55 grams 

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