(Orange)Blackseed Oil Lip-butter-Limited Edition
(Orange)Blackseed Oil Lip-butter-Limited Edition

(Orange)Blackseed Oil Lip-butter-Limited Edition

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With its moisturising and protective action, Black Seed Oil makes the perfect candidate for keeping lips healthy and free from cracks and dryness. Not only will you have softer lips overall, you will also set a perfect base for lipstick. Black Seed Oil is so moisturizing and it will also  compliment every Red Apple Lipstick lip product perfectly, all while keeping your lips healthy, supple and smooth!

We created this  lip butter with LOTS Of LOVE ❤️! We hope you Love this Lip Butter as much as we do.

Ingredients: Tallow, Black-seed Oil, Mango butter, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Vitamin E

6 gram Stick

15 gram Tin