Velveteen Body Dream

Velveteen Body Dream

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With our most luxurious body butter, we decided to marry Shea Butter and wildcrafted Calendula Herbal Oil. The results are simply amazing. Having Velveteen Skin is no longer just a Dream.  Once you try our Special Blend, expertly crafted, t here’s no turning back. This mix of exotic butter and essential oils will give your skin that velvety smooth feel. This cream is gentle on the skin and rejuvenates dry, damaged skin. The benefits of lavender and calendula date way back in history. These natural relaxants will pamper your senses, and leave you with that baby soft skin day or night. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free and additive free. We believe our clients should feel good about using skin care products in every way.


50 g - 2 fl oz 

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