CHAMOMILE Chamaemelum nobile



peace, abundance, love, self-love, healing

Roman chamomile and German chamomile are the two most common varieties of this plant, and both work equally well. They have a sweet, apple-like scent and charming little yellow and white flowers, like tiny daisies.


We all know the soothing, gentle benefits of a cup of hot chamomile tea. la sense of peace helps us to release and purify ourselves from whatever may de burdening us, from negative energy to the stresses of the everyday, to a headache or a cold. Chamomile is very good for the skin, relieving eczema and helping to clear any pimples or uneven skin tone. She aids in digestion, and can ease stomach cramps or menstrual pain.


If you take a bath in water sprinkled with dried chamomile, it will invite love into your life. In fact, if you make a chamomile tea and add it to your bath, you will experience a feeling of bliss. Working with chamomile is great for those struggling with stress and anxiety. She can alleviate overwhelming emo-tions, and you can hold dried chamomile in your hands as you recite affirmations or prayers to help ease the heart.