Our Story


How our non-toxic products will help your skin look radiant and feel exquisite.

We handcraft small-batch products using ONLY, raw, natural, organic, unrefined ingredients. 

Hello and welcome to our world. I'm Tonia on the right and my sister Gina is on the left.  We began exploring the benefits of Shea Butter and purchasing endless varieties of divine, luscious, exotic butter like Mango, Cocoa, Oat, Tamanu and a vast array of sublime, luxurious oils.  Blending them to create the most velvety, fluffy, creamy moisturizers became our intense passion, working endless nights and into the early hours of frosty, chilly, wintry, snowy days.  We are completely passionate about using only the most luxe varieties of butter and oils containing rich, skin loving fatty acids that moisturize and naturally plump your skin giving it a dewy, youthful glow with undisputed anti-aging benefits. In addition, using only pure essential oils to naturally scent our products became our ultimate goal.  The skin, being our largest organ, absorbs approximately sixty-five percent (65 %) of whatever we put on it and goes directly into our bloodstream. The most important thing to consider is that our products contain NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES, NO PHTHALATES, NO ALCOHOLS, NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES and no other chemicals typically found in conventional creams and body butter.  The list of ingredients and dangerous chemicals found in conventional creams and lotions is overwhelming, to say the least.  Chemicals used as preservatives are known to be carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting and most importantly have absolutely no known benefits except to say that they are used as both fillers and to extend shelf life far beyond what is considered acceptable.

Natural shouldn't be expensive or exclusive! Try our affordable line of products today.  Your body will thank you!

We sold our luxurious products and these are the results.  Angel Fluff TM will repair, moisturize and protect your lips and skin!


 We prioritize people and their health, not profits.   Clean, organic, healthy skincare should not be exclusive or expensive. 

Try our affordable line of organic, unrefined, pure, luxuriously, emollient products for yourself! Your skin and lips will thank you!


Shea Butter Saved my dry hands, splitting nails and bleeding cuticles!!!

I discovered Shea Butter's incredibly, moisturizing benefits quite by accident.  I have never been able to grow my nails.  Even as a teenager, my nails have always been brittle, dry and tended to split and crack easily.  My hands, including the skin and cuticles around my nails, were always rough and scaly and would bleed from the lack of moisture, especially during the frosty winter months.  No matter how many endless moisturizers and lotions I purchased promising smooth, radiant, healthy skin, my situation never improved.  Then one day, I purchased a balm containing Shea Butter, Lavender Essential Oil, and Vitamin E and I was astonished by the results.  After just a few days, I saw instant proof that what I had purchased, was actually working.  My nails started to grow and stopped splitting.  I thought it was too good to be true, but the truth is, I've never stopped using Shea Butter.  I purchased the same balm for my sister Gina who became instantly obsessed with it.  She used it on her feet, hands, face, arms and just about anywhere she felt dry, rough spots.  We immediately began making body butter and lip balms and became instantly obsessed with thick, lush, creamy luxurious jars of butter that we slathered all over our bodies and our kid's bodies.  We started sharing our goodies and excitement with family, friends, and co-workers.  

What we quickly discovered was that the difference between the balm I had purchased and the endless moisturizers and lotions that I had used over the last 10 years was really very simple.  My balm contained only 3 ingredients and I knew what each ingredient actually was.  In contrast,  all the other moisturizers contained an exceptionally long list of ingredients that were not only hard to pronounce but upon further research, discovered, were considered quite toxic.  Simply put, I came to the conclusion that Shea Butter in addition to all the other butter and oils we have used, is a superior moisturizer and healer but its effectiveness is greatly reduced once mixed with water thereby creating a need for dangerous PARABENS, SULFATES, PHTHALATES, ALCOHOLS and a long list of chemicals that don't help to moisturize or heal your skin, in fact, they may actually dry out your skin.  

Gina started to spend hours upon hours researching ingredients and formulating body butter, face butter, lip balms, vegan formulas, and different non-toxic formulations using pure, raw unrefined shea butter, jojoba oil, oat butter, beeswax, calendula oil, and any unrefined butter and beneficial oils we could get our hands on. The results were nothing short of amazing.  Our next step was creating stable products that would stand up to extreme temperatures and rigorous testing.  Once we achieved that, choosing containers became our natural next step.  Discovering the appropriate vessels for our formulations was easy and we gave our products out to as many family members and friends we possibly could.  The positive feedback was overwhelming and we instantly knew that we had to get our healthful, restorative products out to as many people as possible.  To this day, we stand behind our products and ask you to treat our goodies the very same way you would treat any of your cherished products.  

Summon the courage to start anew with your lip and skin care products.  Begin by surrounding yourself with our chic, boutique products offering luxuriously simple, pure ingredients and delicate, rejuvenating scents all at desirable prices.  You deserve our promise and the possibility of your skin and lips looking and feeling exquisite.