Tallow Balm
Tallow Balm

Tallow Balm

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Our Tallow Balm is a supple whole-skin tallow balm. Forget the chemicals and give your skin whole food nourishment our ancestors used.

This balm is full of natural fats and minerals. It feeds your skin making it soft and supple. It is not fractionated, meaning that each ingredient is in its whole form.

Lavender Essential Oil

peace, intuition, healing, awareness

Also known as elf leaf, lavender may be the most soothing of all herbs . Her distinctive sweet-yet-spicy scent has made her the most popular of all calming herbs-think about how often you see people using lavender essential oil! In the Middle Ages, lavender was used to launder clothing (hence the similarity between the words lavender and launder), and washing women were known as "lavenders."


Lavender can calm anxiety, invite a restful sleep, and relieve headaches.

Tallow is rich in vitamins, and minerals. This balm can be used to reduce the appearance of scars, soothe sunburns, restore elasticity to your skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, work as an anti aging cream. This balm mimics our skins natural oil

ingredients : tallow, lavender infused olive oil and Lavender Essential Oil
50 grams

Tallow ,Unrefined Hemp Oil, Beautifully scented with Lemongrass , Lavender and Rosemary 

50 grams

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