Ultimate Brow& Beard Conditioning Oil
Ultimate Brow& Beard Conditioning Oil

Ultimate Brow& Beard Conditioning Oil

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 Bolli Oud

Thick and nourishing, Bolli Oud beard conditioning Oil will moisturize your facial hair while caressing your skin. Infused with one of the rarest and most expensive oils, from the heartwood (Agarwood) of the Aquilaria Tree, Oud's undeniable, invigorating and tantalizing scent mixed with a hint of Tuberose  will leave you smelling irresistible and divine. Ready to take on the world, you will be turning heads as this sleek, smoothing conditioner and captivating essence sets you far apart from the rest.  It’s made with the most luxurious Avocado Oil and rich jojoba oil. All of this nourishing goodness is finished with a secret ingredient  to lock in moisture and give your beard a healthy shine. Our luxurious blend of Oud and Tuberose essential oil will impart an air of vibrant earthiness. DRAKE SIR WE MADE THIS FOR YOU!!! CAN YOU KINDLY WRITE US A REVIEW?

30ml- 1.01oz

Smoky Cashmere

We created this oil blend to tame even the wildest whiskers. Your beard doesn’t just grow neatly into shape; it needs coaching and conditioning. A dense blend of carrier oils marinated with essential  oils will do the trick. Something heavy enough to keep your strays in check, but light enough that it still absorbs quickly into the hair and avoid greasiness. The Beard is truly a Labor of Love ,and a daily application of beard oil is Magical. Scented with Notes of coffee and Peru balsam 

Black Cedarwood & Juniper 

This fragrance starts with light citrus top notes with middle notes of rose, violet and clove, finishing with clean, woodsy base notes of sandalwood, moss, cedar and amber. Our oil blend consists of Avocado,Jojoba and Hemp Seed Oil.


ACQUA DI GIÒ opens with a splash of fresh, Calabrian Bergamot, Neroli and Green Tangerine. Light, aquatic nuances mix with Rosemary, sweet Persimmon, and warm Indonesian Patchouli. Our oil blend consists of Avocado,Jojoba and Hemp Seed Oil.



30mls -1.01oz

Our Beard Oil HYDRATES– It offers conditioning 24-hour hydration that helps stop unhealthy, excessive hair fall. It also leaves your beard and moustache with the perfect sheen.


Apply a a dime size in your palm and gently massage onto your Face. 

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