Everlasting Rose Body Butter
Everlasting Rose Body Butter
Everlasting Rose Body Butter
Everlasting Rose Body Butter

Everlasting Rose Body Butter

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Our  deluxe Everlasting Rose Body Butter is The Ultimate in Luxury Bodybutters. It’s loaded with rich, skin loving fatty acids, Vitamins A, E, F & K and will keep your skin perfectly moisturized while creating a barrier to lock in all those nourishing vitamins.  Ingredients like Shea Butter and Rosehip Oil, coupled with a natural SPF of 6-10, make our body butter a natural choice. Use it after a relaxing, hot bath or shower to rehydrate and keep your skin soft and supple. This butter is a skin superfood.  Since our products are pure butter and oils, a little goes a very long way. The best time to apply this luxurious body butter is in the evening, and because our products are so emollient, it may take more than a few minutes to be fully absorbed (click here https://youtu.be/1TXtWzLyCz4 to watch our video on how and when to properly apply our body butter).  Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, chemicals, and synthetic fragrances, you can rest assured that our products are 100% safe and natural. The essential oils will leave your skin smelling like a garden of fresh rose petals. Scented with Rose Absolute and Geranium essential oil.


flecks of beetroot may be present to achieve the natural rosey pink colour.


Rose:Is a great humectant, helping retain moisture in and on the skin. This makes everlasting rose ideal for dry, mature skin types.


65ml - 2.2 fl oz

160 mls  5.4 fl oz reusable, recyclable glass jar

Gently apply a small amount of the butter onto damp skin. This product can be used on the face and body.  



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