Fireflies Perfume

Fireflies Perfume

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This blend makes me think of hot,summer nights, with a thunderstorm crackling in the distance. We can hear blue birds,chirping  calling back and forth in the bush. There's talk of lighting a fire. I can see fireflies dancing over the lake. Time feels like it's standing still. It's perfection.

This will remind you of Summer and Fireflies.

labdanum,lavender,lime,cedar wood and  fir balsam essential oils have come together in this one of a kind scent.

Roller bottle 10 mls

Our Natural Perfume contains NO synthetic ingredients.  Natural Perfume is better for your health, better for our environment, and better for the earth. Natural perfumes should be just as alluring as their synthetic counterparts, and now, finally they are. Introducing an exclusive natural perfume oil lovingly created by your Angels. A premium quality perfume oil of the highest quality.

100% pure and natural essential oils and absolutes are expertly blended to diffuse and mingle after which they are carefully infused with 190-proof grain alcohol.