Gisele’s Chamomile Oatmeal Soap Scrub
Gisele’s Chamomile Oatmeal Soap Scrub
Gisele’s Chamomile Oatmeal Soap Scrub

Gisele’s Chamomile Oatmeal Soap Scrub

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Whether they are scientists, activists, politicians, or explorers, women have shown time and time again that they are powerful enough to combat prejudice and change the world and without harming anyone in the process.  From discussing women’s rights to leading scientific discoveries, Gisele is an ex-Nurse who cares about Humanity! She puts herself out there everyday, sharing her stories and relatable experiences. We are honoured to create this Chamomile Oatmeal Soap Scrub with her in our hearts and minds and in her beautiful name.

Ingredients:  Infused with Gisele’s Infinite and all knowing Wisdom 

172grams-6.05 ounces 

92 grams - 3.25 ounces

Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Tallow, Olive Oil, Castor Oil) Kaolin Clay, SILK, Ground Oatmeal~Dried, and gingerly scented with German Chamomile Essential Oil.

Our oil soaps are created by hand using the cold-process method. I combine lye and oils and pour into a wooden mold. The soap batter is then sculpted and swirled by hand and left to saponify (harden) overnight. We cut the loaf the next morning one bar at a time. Because these are handmade, the designs and colours may vary from bar to bar, but each one is a quality product made with premium oils and ingredients, crafted with love and sold with pride.

Our ingredients are as clean, safe and responsible as possible! No phthalates and parabens in our products!



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