Green Lip Healer
Green Lip Healer

Green Lip Healer

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Lemon balm is a powerful antiviral, proven to banish cold sores. This super healing cold sore lip balm recipe helps fight & prevent cold sores.  It also makes a great all-purpose lip balm for everyday use! Lip butter is a special moisturizing formula that provides your lips with that extra nourishment they need, and enhances how they look and feel. We made this Super Healing Cold Sore Lipbutter with Lemon Balsam {Melissa officinalis}, a potent anti-viral carefully infused in hemp seed oil.  Next, we added shea butter, tamanu butter, castor oil and beeswax. All gingerly scented with peppermint, tea tree and a touch of Clove bud essential oil.

To you from us with HEALING LOVE. 

Peppermint:   soothes skin,relieves congestion, boosts energy, balances hormones, enhances mental focus,and contains antibacterial properties.

Tea Tree:  detoxifies and disinfects the body, soothes inflammation, and relieves the pain of minor burns, sores, bites, and cuts.

Clove Bud:  Applied to the skin,clove bud may be effective at relieving itching and promoting healing as well as removing brown spots.

6 grams-0.20 fl oz

15 grams-0.52 f loz


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