Luxurious Tinted Lavender

Luxurious Tinted Lavender

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Meet the new star of our line-up of natural lip balm! This gem contains soothing Lavender essential oil and is the perfect pucker companion when your lips are feeling dry. For the Lavender lover, this is your balm.

Dry lips have no chance against this natural lip balm's rich, moisturizing capabilities. To create it, we use only all-natural ingredients safe for all skin types. Beeswax & Vitamin E help to protect against dryness long after balm is applied, and tallow penetrates deep into the lips to help reverse the dryness caused by dehydration, sun, wind and other environmental elements. As always, petroleum and preservative free!

Ingredients: Tallow, Beeswax ,Sunflower oil,purple Brazilian clay,oxide,vitamin E, Lavender essential oil.

6 grams