Oudh & Rose Absolute Perfume Oil

Oudh & Rose Absolute Perfume Oil

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The bedrock of perfumery, roses are inextricably linked to the fragrances we’ve come to know and love. In fact, rose comprises more than 400 known constituents, with a variety of reconstructions across every price point. Its scent is powerful and rich, with floral and fruity facets of contrast: sweet yet spicy, green yet honeyed. Rose is often described as a feminine note with floral, powdery facets. Oud is a very popular essence among the Persian Gulf countries. Across Arabia, men and women are known to dote over the raw material—admiring the lavish fragrance for all its warmth and complexity. In fact, oud is so popular in Arabian fragrances that there exists several subfamilies of oud (such as fruit oud, leather oud, rose oud—and the list goes on!). We married these two Absolute oils allowing them to create a Magical Scent.


100% pure and natural Absolute oils are expertly blended to diffuse and mingle,after which they are carefully transferred in our carrier oil.

Roller bottle 7mls

This is a very strong, concentrated perfume oil.

Sultry and sensual, Rose and Oud fragrance oil is one of the most intoxicating scents we’ve released.

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