ROSAGIN(Exclusive Rose Clay Facial Soap)
ROSAGIN(Exclusive Rose Clay Facial Soap)

ROSAGIN(Exclusive Rose Clay Facial Soap)

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Pink French Clay and White Kaolin Clay purify the skin, while essential oils of Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender and Palmarosa impart deep hydration alongside a soothing, rose-like aroma. Tallow makes a creamy, gentle lather, while Silky Peptides and cold-pressed organic Olive Oil nourish sensitive and dry skin.

Ingredients : Saponifed Tallow, First Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Pink French clay, White Kaolin clay, Silk, Essential Oils:  Clary Sage, Geranium, Palmarosa and Lavender.

125 grams-4.4 oz


Use once or twice daily. Start with clean hands.  Gently wet face.  Form a lather in your hands and apply lather to face.  Rub gently making sure to thoroughly cleanse nose, chin and around hair line where hard oils tend to form. Rinse skin well and repeat.  We recommend double cleansing especially if you are living or working in a more urban area.  Gently pat dry. Your skin will feel squeaky clean.  Make sure to follow with our exclusive, Copper Charged Rose Toner to tighten and refresh before applying your favourite moisturizer.  We suggest alternating between our Simple but effective Crème de la Crème, German Chamomile & Rose Botanical Oil (which we also strongly recommend for those heavy make up days where you want a gentle oil cleansing) or our Tallowed UP Angel Fluff Rose Oil.  

French Pink Clay is a very gentle clay known for drawing out impurities without drying your skin. This is a truly beautifying and skin softening face and body soap. Pink Clay is refreshing with its floral scent and it has a silky smooth texture. This bar is especially suited to sensitive or dry skin types but also works well as a face and body soap for most skin types.

🌿Good to know.  This formulation of French Clay soap is highly regarded, recommended and widely used in France by top industry professionals and models who care deeply not only about preserving their skin but also about what they put on their skin. 




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